Will “Monster Hunter Now” be able to get Niantic out of the crisis?

Will "Monster Hunter Now" be able to get Niantic out of the crisis?

During his walk One day, walking towards the Niantics office in the Bay Area, senior producer Sakae Osumi noticed everyone staring at him on. An eclipse was occurring, as good a reason as any to lean back and look at the sky, but Osumi had another thought: what if a team working on a Monster … Read more

India showed us one way mobile gaming is done: Pokmon Go maker Niantic

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India has shown us that console gaming is not a new world, you have to stay on the mobile side of the equation, Omar Tellez, VP, Emerging Markets, Niantic, highlighted how India is the epicenter of mobile gaming and the success of any game depends on how Indian users respond. Tellez was in India to … Read more