iPhone users say Apple’s iOS 17 update is RUINING battery life, with reports of running out of charge within hours – here’s what to do if your phone is affected

iPhone users have jumped on Apple's latest update, claiming it's draining their battery

Ever since Apple launched its long-awaited iOS 17 update last night, millions of eager iPhone users have rushed to download it. However, it seems many are already regretting their decision, amid claims that the latest update is draining battery life. Complaints have taken X (formerly Twitter) by storm in the last 24 hours, as users … Read more

Here’s what the Google trial is and why you should care

Google Logo

The US Department of Justice’s 10-week antitrust trial against Google is underway and could spell big trouble for the Mountain View tech giant. The Justice Department, along with several individual states, argues that Google achieved its status as a dominant search company through anticompetitive means. Now the company has reached monopoly status and everything must … Read more

Here’s how Apple stock typically performs at its annual launch event

Here's how Apple stock typically performs at its annual launch event

Shares of holding company Club Apple (AAPL) steadied on Monday, a day ahead of the tech giant’s annual September product launch event. Now, the question is whether there will be enough enthusiasm from investors when Wall Street gets a peek at the iPhone 15 to overcome the concerns about China that hit the stock hard … Read more

Review | We can’t stop AI, but here’s how we might model its effects

Review |  We can't stop AI, but here's how we might model its effects

Comment on this storyComment The tech industry loves trying to convince us that the next thing is the real fix, transforming society and generating billions in the process. Sometimes, as is the case with personal computers, the Internet, smartphones and social media, the hype is justified; other times do you remember the NFTs? the Metaverse? … Read more

Amazon’s New Home Internet Service To Launch Its First Satellites Next Month – Here’s When You Can Expect Cheap Internet From Amazon | News about cable cutters


Since 2019, Amazon has been talking about launching a home internet service. This new home internet service from Amazon is currently called Project Kuiper. This is not just a side project, according to the Amazon CEO, it is now a major focus of the company. Now, after numerous delays beyond Amazon’s control, they are finally … Read more