iPhone users say Apple’s iOS 17 update is RUINING battery life, with reports of running out of charge within hours – here’s what to do if your phone is affected

iPhone users have jumped on Apple's latest update, claiming it's draining their battery

Ever since Apple launched its long-awaited iOS 17 update last night, millions of eager iPhone users have rushed to download it. However, it seems many are already regretting their decision, amid claims that the latest update is draining battery life. Complaints have taken X (formerly Twitter) by storm in the last 24 hours, as users … Read more

How to Recognize a Scam Email and What NOT to Share Online: Former Cybercriminal Reveals How to Avoid Internet Scammers

404, a former cybercriminal turned cybersecurity pro, shared that spotting a dubious email is often down to tone, spelling, and grammar.  Pictured: anonymous computer hacker

A former hacker who began his illegal online career at the tender age of 18 has revealed what you should be keeping tabs on in your inbox. The former cybercriminal turned cybersecurity pro, known by the pseudonym “404,” has shared his top tips for spotting those pesky scam emails and why you shouldn’t overshare online. … Read more

Goldman Sachs bought US companies with Chinese state-owned cash in a $2.5B “partnership fund” that invested in drones, AI, cloud computing and supply chains, despite dire relations with Beijing

Goldman Sachs quietly used Chinese cash from a $2.5 billion “partnership fund” to invest in several US AI and IT companies

Goldman Sachs has quietly used Chinese cash from a $2.5 billion “partnership fund” to invest in several US companies in the fields of artificial intelligence and information technology. The Wall Street giant is funneling funds from a private equity reserve it created with the China Investment Corporation, reports the Financial Times. Since its launch in … Read more