Sony promises “PSVR 2 highlights” at State of Play

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Sony has announced a new State of Play. The show will also feature “PSVR 2 Highlights.”

VR system owners are hungry for new games, and if you haven’t bought the Playstation VR 2 yet, hopefully State of Play will give you a reason to do so before Christmas.

“Tomorrow’s show will focus on previously announced game updates coming to PlayStation consoles. From PS VR2 and indie highlights, to major upcoming titles from our third-party partners, our latest show has something for everyone,” Sony wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

We hope to see new gameplay from Arizona Sunshine 2, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, and Behemoth. All of these titles are scheduled for release in 2023. Maybe we’ll even get a release date for Resident Evil 4’s VR mode.

PlayStation VR 2 needs unmissable exclusives

As for Sony’s commitment to PSVR 2, there’s still room for improvement. Horizon Call of the Mountain era Sony’s only first party title. It’s unlikely that anything like this will be announced today, as Sony is focusing on previously announced titles and third-party games for this State of Play.

Which begs the questions: Does Sony have a trick or two up its sleeve for the holiday season? If not, it would be a death knell for Playstation VR 2. While there are plenty of good PSVR 2 games for people who have never tried virtual reality before, there are few exclusive titles that make the VR platform shine. It is the independent studios that carry the burden of providing the content.

If you want to tune in for State of Play today, you should do so at 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10pm BST on Youtube, Twitch or Tiktok.

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