My favorite travel apps for booking flights and surviving at the airport

Navigation going through an airport, even for a trip you look forward to, almost always feels like a chore. But I’ve found that if you have the right tools at the ready, you can actually make the whole experience a lot more tolerable. Here are some my favorite travel apps to try next time you plan a trip.

The best trip apps for flight booking and tracking

Here are the apps I use to book better and cheaper flights and then monitor their status before taking off.

Hopper and TravelArrow

A stress-free travel experience starts with a great price, etcHehopper app track the flight prices and advises you on the cheapest time to buy (o when to wait and when to expect prices to rise). You can also integrate your search with THETravelArrow extension for Chromewhich can help you decide which airline to book your flight with.


If you have ever booked a flight or hotel for the wrong date or did you realize that your itinerary had some unintended ones shortcomings, consider usage TripIt. The planning app keeps all your flight, hotel, car rental and tour reservations in sync in one itinerary. Simply forward any confirmation email to that you would like to appear in the itinerary and it will save all your confirmation and flight numbers in one place. It will also show you all your plans in a neat timeline (along with none of these gaps).

The app has a free version with all the essentials and a Pro version for $49/year real-time alerts and extra features.


With the increase in flight cancellationsactions that we have experienced over the years and are useless response of many airlines, it becomes more important to have the best flight tracking tools at your disposal. Fickle it’s a flight-monitoring app that will notify you deletelations and delays within the second (much faster than some airlines notify their passengers)helping you to be more proactive how responsive. The app also tells you how your flight was made in the last two months, providing you with its data timeliness (similar to what Flightera does but not as detailed). You can also track other people’s flights like you do your own.

Although Flighty has a free and limited version, the paid version is where you get valuable characteristics. The cost is $49.99 per year or $249 for a lifetime membership. You can also sync it with TripIt to show you your itinerary on the Flighty app. If you’re looking for a similar app that’s completely free, check it out Application in the air. Keep that in mind App in the Air tracks changes but doesn’t have the same almost-real-time updates like Flighty. If you want a free app that purely tracks flights, try FlightAware.

The best travel apps to navigate the airport

Once you’re physically at the airport, there are plenty of apps that can make you spend less time waiting in line and stressing out about missing your flight. Here are the best.

Book by CLEAR

It is not necessary to have a file fantasy airport pre-check joining the program tor save time during the security process (even if I do recommends TSA PreCheck). You can use the CANCEL app to take advantage of the free Reserve program book your place in advance and make your way through the security line much faster if you fly domestically. If you are flying internationally, you can use the Mobile passport control application TO do the same thing.

Lounge Buddy

If you have access to airport lounges through one or more programmes you are part, you will want to get the Lounge Buddy app. It will also tell you which lounges you have access to their schedules, services, locations, rules and more. You can also purchase access to some lounges if you have an American Express credit card.


Listen, it’s convenient: THE Starbucks application lets you place a mobile order in advance at multiple airports so you can pick up your order without standing around In line. If you are in a hurry and you know you won’t have time to wait the usual long line at starbucks, order breakfast or coffee in advance with the app. (You will need to be a member Of their loyalty program to do this.) You can search for the nearest location using the three-digit airport code. Once you place your order, the app will tell you when you can choose your order before your flight.

Google Maps

Google Maps it does a lot more than just getting you from point A to point B in your car. It is also extremely useful in airports. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you weren’t sure if you’d be able to get to a restroom, shop, lounge, restaurant, terminal, or anywhere else in time for your flight, you probably haven’t used Google Maps. Navigating airports is confusing and time consumingand while you know how to follow the signs, chances are you don’t know how long it will take you to get where you’re goingespecially if you have to take any other means of transport to get there.


If you’re at an international airport, you’ll want to have an app to transfer currencies (and other conversions). THE Converter+app help convert currencies, Celsius to Fahrenheit, kilometers to miles, liters to ounces, and more. You can also save favorites, use automatic exchange rate update e other characteristics.

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