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If you asked someone in the 1920s what a bed would be like in 2023, ErgoSportive is probably the kind of answer you’d get.

Very often a product comes along that completely shatters the preconceived notion of what consumers want/expect from it. In the 2000s, no one thought speakers needed a voice assistant, but in 2014 Amazon changed everything with Alexa. Likewise, up until 10 years ago, no one knew that a smart bed could be as advanced as the ErgoSportive, but here we are in 2023 with a bed that automatically adjusts the head and foot sections, is equipped with contactless sleep trackers built-in vibration modules that monitor your sleep activity, an anti-snoring feature that raises your head when it detects snoring, and built-in vibration modules that use gentle physical nudges to wake you up instead of a loud, blaring alarm. The ErgoSportive’s headboard features built-in LEDs that create the perfect environment for you to relax, as well as USB ports to charge all your gadgets. This, my friends, is what the beds of the future will be like…

Designer: Ergomotion

Click here to buy now: $2,519.30 $3,599 ($1079.70 off with coupon code “ERGODSGN30”). Hurry, the offer expires in 48 hours!

You spend a third of your life in bed, so why does it always have to be flat? The bed isn’t just a place to sleep, it’s also a place to relax, meditate, read, snack, watch Netflix, and even relax if you play your cards right. The ErgoSportive’s design keeps this in mind, with its adjustable format that can raise your head or legs, or even orient itself as a poolside lounge chair on demand. The elevation features are not just for comfort, but help alleviate snoring, relieve joint pain, help improve recovery, and prevent stomach sleeping or side sleeping, which can be problematic for some people. Customizable presets let you instantly switch between a flat bed and your favorite reading position or TV viewing position, while a dedicated Zero-G button sets the bed to a zero-gravity position that simulates the sensation of weightlessness or zero gravity. (The concept of zero-gravity beds originated from NASA research into the effects of zero gravity on astronauts’ bodies during space travel.)

Access your personalized sleep data and receive personalized recovery recommendations via the ErgoSportive app. Share your sleep report with your trainer, coach, doctor or loved ones.

More than simply being a changeable entity to sleep on or relax in, the ErgoSportive is also positioned as a wellness device. Sure, beds are for relaxing and recovering, but why do you need a smartwatch to measure how relaxed or recovered you are while you sleep? The non-contact sensors inside the ErgoSportive measure your sleep cycle, tracking sleep stages and health parameters without you having to wear any devices or products on your body. Health metrics are shared on ErgoSportive’s smartphone app, where you can access the data and activate features such as the bed’s anti-snoring feature. The Anti-Snore feature works by gently lifting your head if it detects snoring. This way, it prevents your tongue and/or palate from blocking your airway while you sleep, alleviating snoring by allowing you to breathe better. Additionally, integration with Garmin devices and wearables allows the ErgoSportive to work in tandem with your smartwatch or fitness tracker to determine recovery and sleep schedules for peak health. That’s right… your bed is actually a fitness wear!

Ultimately, though, a bed is a bed, and while the ErgoSportive has its few health-focused features… it still manages to capture the basics very well. The bed comes with the Ergo mattress which has a memory foam frame with ErgoEdge support, perfect for both back and side sleepers. The mattress cover is infused with bamboo charcoal for its moisture-wicking and odor-fighting properties, and advanced airflow technologies ensure adequate ventilation so you don’t wake up in a puddle of sweat. Mattress aside, the ErgoSportive bed headboard also comes with a built-in LED strip that allows you to set ambient lighting at night or even during the day. Whether you’re relaxing, reading a book or just lounging in bed, the dimmable LED strip is undoubtedly a brilliant bed accessory… but it doesn’t beat the fact that the ErgoSportive also comes with USB ports for charging your gadgets. Given that most nightstands only have one or two plug points, and the fact that the ErgoSportive needs to be plugged in, not being able to charge your gadgets next to the bed can be a real bummer. ErgoSportive’s USB ports solve this problem, allowing you to charge your phone, tablet or wearable devices right next to your bed while you sleep. Plus, if your home is prone to power outages, the bed is also equipped with safety features, including automatic return to the flat position in the event of a power outage.

What ErgoSportive does so expertly is cover all the aspects a bed needs, in the best possible way. It’s the perfect place to rest, but it’s also the perfect place to recover after a workout, or to watch a movie, or read a book, or just charge your phone while you recharge at night. ErgoSportive takes smart beds to the next level by tracking and monitoring your sleep, giving you the information you need to be healthier and live better. Each ErgoSportive bed comes with a remote that lets you control it, with multiple buttons that activate different features or even various presets of the bed. The ErgoSportive bed is available in three sizes: Twin XL, Queen, and Split King, with a 30-night trial for the bed itself and a 100-night trial for the ErgoMattress.

Click here to buy now: $2,519.30 $3,599 ($1079.70 off with coupon code “ERGODSGN30”). Hurry, the offer expires in 48 hours!

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