Bans Pokmon GO players from 14 city parks, a cautionary tale over trespassing allegations

Update: Coaches, the player has contacted the park director. It turned out that it was all a misunderstanding and the ban was lifted. They decided to give it another go and it looks like they will be visiting the park tonight.

Here’s how the story went:

Update no. 1:

He called the Parks and Rec department phone in an attempt to appeal and was given another number to call. That number didn’t ring on the phone so I called back and they said they were having problems with the phone

I was given the court number, had to leave a voicemail

Update no. 2:

I finally contacted public safety (administrators of the trespassing) and they told me there was nothing they could do and I had to call the park/person who violated me.

So I called and now I’m waiting for a call from the park’s recreation manager

Update no. 3:

Being ping-pong from different numbers. The park recreation manager asked me to speak to his assistant and said I needed to write a letter to the city council in order to appeal.

He ended up calling a variety of elected council members, but mostly got hit with voicemail.

I decided to call my district city rep and they forwarded me to the assistant city manager who is talking to the public safety, parks and recreation directors and said they will get back to me shortly.

If all else fails, it appears that legal action will be the only way forward

Last update no. 4:


I was finally able to speak to the park manager. Overall it was a misunderstanding and the breaking and entering was lifted.

What pissed me off was that the one issuing the trespassing was a part-time security guard who reported to us that he attempted to climb over a fence which is not even remotely true. The park manager was upset that the security guard didn’t talk to us at all. He said he should feel safe coming to us.

He read me the report and never mentioned that we walked around the same parking lot he was in looking at us for 10 minutes. The report only said we tried to climb over a fence and then walked off to another compound. We never even touched the fences we would walk on.

You want to appreciate everyone’s support, whether it’s lawsuits, courses of action, or talking points.

I’m going there tonight to play and hopefully meet that part-time security guy.”

Previous story: Trainers, gather and hear the story of two fearless Pokémon GO players. This story will leave you wondering, laughing, and maybe even shaking your head in disbelief.

Once upon a time, our two heroes found themselves in a bustling city park. A Pokémon paradise filled with gyms, PokStops, and the promise of a good catch. The park was their regular battlefield, one they had explored many times. But that day things took an unexpected turn.

As they were leaving the park, celebrating their raid victory, the flashing lights of a police SUV caught them off guard. A security guard was watching them, and their innocent pokmon hunt was misinterpreted as something far more sinister.

You see, they were walking by a locked stadium fence to access some hidden gems (read: PokStops and gyms). Their habit of hanging around the park and waiting for an incursion while they incubate the eggs has attracted the attention of park security.

What could have been a delightful evening ended with the cold realization that they had been banned from 14 parks in their city. That’s right, 14 parks! All because they appeared as if they were “guarding” posts at the park police.

The real police officers were relaxed, even offering advice on appealing the ban. However, the incident left a bad taste in my mouth. Their favorite park, a stone’s throw from home, was now off limits.

Here’s where it gets puzzling. Park security never confronted them, not even when the police were talking to them. They quickly passed, leaving the couple to their fate. One could argue that a public place should remain just that: public. Unless you’re committing a felony or damaging property, breaking and entering shouldn’t even be a conversation. And our protagonists were doing neither.

Violated in all city parks for playing Pokmon GO
from u/BlindVisionary98 in pokemongo

But don’t worry, dear readers, because there is a silver lining to this cloud. One player suggests that the courthouse, where they will be appealing the ban, could just be a PokStop or even a gym.

So the next time you find yourself on a Pokémon GO adventure, remember this story and proceed with caution. Who knows, a simple walk in a park could turn into a story of your own.

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