18 Best Free AI Training Courses for 2023 – Improve yourself today

The best free AI training courses for Generative AI

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best free AI training courses focused on generative AI and how to harness it, as well as fundamental AI concepts. Many of these courses are designed to be introductory, beginner-oriented sessions.

  1. Google Generative AI Learning Path (10 courses)
  2. Microsoft transforms your business with the AI ​​course
  3. LinkedIn Career Essentials in Generative AI Training
  4. IBM: AI Foundations for Everyone Training course
  5. Digital Partners Fundamentals of the ChatGPT training course
  6. Artificial Intelligence Crash Course by Phil Ebners (Udemy)

1. Google Generative AI Learning Path (10 courses)

One of the most generous courses available in terms of actual learning hours, Google’s Generative AI Learning track has 10 courses. All courses take one day to complete.

Seven of the courses are classified as introductory, including Introduction to Generative AI, Introduction to Large Language Models, and Fundamentals of Generative AI. There are three courses within the learning path described as intermediate, including Encoder-Decoder Architecture and Attention Mechanism: Overview.

The first two introductory courses cover a lot of immediately applicable content, such as how to use quick-tuning to get the most out of large language models. There is also a course on the responsible use of AI.

While there is no official qualification, you will be awarded a completion badge which you can attach to your digital resume.

2. Course Transform your business with artificial intelligence from Microsoft

This learning path from Microsoft is designed, as the tech giant says, to help business people gain the knowledge and resources to adopt AI in their organizations,” and explores planning, strategy, and scaling of AI projects responsibly.

Microsoft says the goals of this course are to familiarize yourself with existing AI tools, understand basic AI terminology and practices, and use out-of-the-box AI to build intelligent applications.

To sign up for this course, which is 2 hours and 40 minutes long, Microsoft says you’ll need a basic understanding of IT and business concepts. The modules included in the course are:

  • Leverage AI Tools and Resources for Your Business (55 minutes)
  • Creating Business Value from AI (21 min)
  • Embrace Responsible AI Principles and Practices (48 minutes)
  • Scale AI in Your Organization (36 minutes)

3. LinkedIns Career Essentials in Generative AI Training Course

The LinkedIn AI Career Essentials course consists of five different videos, with a total duration of approximately four hours. Each video is hosted by a different AI expert, covering a variety of fundamental concepts and ethical considerations related to AI models.

One of the videos provides a detailed explanation of how to simplify your work with Microsoft Bing Chat, while another one discusses the main differences between search engines and reasoning engines. While there are no accreditations or certifications, completing this course will earn you a completion badge from LinkedIn, which can be displayed on your profile.

The fifth video in the series, titled Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, is an hour and a half long and provides a simplified overview of the best AI tools for business, useful for those who have not yet taken the plunge and implemented a tool in work. .

4. IBMs AI Foundations for Everyone training course

IBM offers a course called AI Foundations for Everyone through Coursera, which has already been signed up for over 19,000 people. You can check out the course for free, which will give you access to all of the materials and some of the assignments, but you won’t be graded or get a certificate at the end.

It’s geared towards beginners and you don’t need previous experience to join, and the schedule is flexible so you can learn at your own pace. Along with the fundamentals of AI, the course will also ensure that you are familiar with AI services from IBM, which help companies integrate AI into their existing infrastructure.

IBM says that, by the end of the course, participants will have had hands-on interactions with different AI environments and applications.

The course has three modules: ‘Introduction to AI’, ‘Introduction to AI using IBM Watson’ and ‘Building AI-powered chatbots without programming’. Each module takes between nine and eleven hours to complete.

5. Digital Partner’s The Fundamentals of ChatGPT training

The digital partner course titled “The Fundamentals of ChatGPT” is a great option for anyone who wants to take a free, accredited course covering the basics of Generative AI.

Throughout the course, you will spend time learning about the role of OpenAI in the global development of AI and be able to learn about how ChatGPT works, its advantages and limitations. There is also a variety of examples included in the course that will show you how to leverage ChatGPT for different tasks and you will learn more about the difference between ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus.

Modules include Working with ChatGPT, ChatGPT and its shortcomings, and Training a GPT model.

This free course is available on Alison.com and is published by a digital marketing company called Digital Partners. The course is CPD accredited and a certificate will be awarded upon completion of a small assessment at the end of the 1.5-3 hour programme.

6. Phil Ebners ChatGPT, Midjourney, Firefly, Bard, DALL-E AI crash course

While there are some good courses on Udemy that will walk you through the ins and outs of MidJourney and other AI generation tools, this instructor covers most of the field, and nearly 12,000 students have already signed up for the course, which has a 4 rating ,6/5 on Udemy.

The course lasts almost two hours and also includes content that will help you better use tools like ChatGPT to generate text and image responses.

The AI ​​for Visual Creativity section, however, will show you how to use both MidJourney and Dall-E to create “photorealistic images, illustrations and digital art in a variety of styles.”

On Udemy, you don’t get certificates of completion for free courses, but if you’re just looking to improve yourself for free, this course is definitely worth checking out.

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